What Love Has Tethered

Take the fallen trees—

do they not share the greatest love

with the soil wreathing their roots?

Some see a tragedy

in the way the earth hangs

mangled and exposed to the world.

I prefer to see a romance.

In my mind,

the trees and the dirt

have held each other so tightly

and for so long,

that not even the fury of a storm

could drag them apart.

Imagine the tree,

finding itself unsteadied by the wind,

curls its arms in a tighter grip

for fear of falling.

And the soil

surely loves the tree enough

to allow itself to be pulled over,

abandoning the planet

in favor of its partner.

How odd that

in this drama of nature

I see a love story

while others see a crucifixion.

Little do they know,

one does not always exclude the other.

(c) 2013 Marie KR