Something Beautiful

Bonjour, mes beaux amis!

No poetry today, I’m sorry (but soon, very soon!). Instead, I wanted to share something beautiful which I discovered recently.

John Koenig runs a Tumblr. blog named The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, and describes its mission as “to harpoon, bag and tag wild sorrows, then release them back into the subconscious.” Basically, John creates definitions; words for feelings or experiences for which the English language has no adequate term. They are wonderful and true and must be enjoyed by all, so go check it out!

My personal favorite of those I’ve devoured so far is this:

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows — la gaudière

Au revoir!


That discovery led to yet another beautiful Tumblr. blog, this one by Tyler Knott. He is a prolific writer/photographer and updates multiple times a day!

Check out his work!


That’s Amor-e!

So, it’s Valentine’s Day, more affectionately known as either Obligation Day (for those in relationships) or Singles Awareness Day (for those who are not). I’ve never really been one for Valentine’s Day; besides the fact that pink is my LEAST favorite color, I’ve never really had a reason for participating before. Remember back in Kindergarten and Elementary School, when everyone in the class would bring in tiny cartoon-character Valentines for everyone else and you’d finish the day with a stack of pink and red on your desk which contained the same amount of cards as everyone else’s pink-and-red stack? Yeah, why can’t we just go back to that tradition? I don’t know about you guys, but I genuinely liked reading through all those generic, written-by-someone-else’s-mother platonic love notes.

However, as we grow up, we all start to believe that Valentine’s Day has to be celebrated with one single, special person; that if there is no ‘significant other’ in our life on this holiday, we can only resign ourselves to either declaring how much we love being single, or engaging in a lot of lonely moping. In Kindergarten terms, we started counting how many cards we had. Who brainwashes us like this? I’m not sure, but I’d like to respectfully disagree with them. February 14th is not just a day for couples. Today is a day to show everyone important in your life how much you honestly love them–no strings attached, no obligations, just a whole lot of love and appreciation for family, friends, parents, grandparents, AND significant others if you are blessed with one.

So, in honor of this day of love, I would like to express my deep appreciation for my very small pool of readers, and offer a few writing pieces for your consideration. I’ve also never really been a fan of love poems, but sometimes they just happened to flow out of me and turned out pretty good (as opposed to cliche and mushy), so here goes nothing!

Cutting Cold

This night is cutting cold

and the magnets of our hands



and find each other in the dark.

You are my anchor

in this frozen sea of sky;

the tether to my kite-in-the-wind ways.

How could I ever drift away?

(c) 2013 Marie KR

Deep Water

Your heart rolls,

the steady rush and thrum

of open ocean,

and with your arms around me

I am lost in its steady swell.

You know I will not swim in the ocean

for fear of what I cannot see around me—

but in this deep water

I can close my eyes;

the only thing around me

is you.

(c) 2013 Marie KR


Forget butterflies—

you fill my chest with birds;

flurry of

            feathers and air and song

       which threatens to float me away.

When I see you

            (not as often as I’d like)

know that

if I laugh too often,

it is only for the many wings

tickling the insides of my ribs

(c) 2013 Marie KR