My name is Marie, and I am addicted to…Moleskine notebooks! (No, there is no official pronunciation).

You know, those useful little notebooks which you can carry in a pocket and use for practically anything: sketching, writing, note-taking, to-do lists, you name it! Moleskines are known for their sturdiness and high quality, as well as a legendary brand identity which will never go out of style.

Anyway, I’ve got this thing for Moleskines; I can’t get enough of them! I constantly carry no fewer than 4 of the little guys on my person, sometimes more, and they each have different uses. The smallest ones I use to record quotes and ideas which I review later for inspiration. The medium-sized books (my favorites! <3) are my go-to for my poetry and other creative rants which simply must get out of my head and onto paper. I am not currently using one of the Moleskine sketchbooks, but I’m planning to purchase an empty one soon and all will be right with the world.

Just a few days ago I was able to fill yet another poetry book with my horrid first-draft stream-of-consciousness brain-vomit, some of which is good enough to end up here. I had been working on that book since Fall, and in celebration of the opportunity to open up a fresh set of pages, I read over the past few months of creativity and pulled out a few pieces to edit and share. It’s been a while…

Crystal Tides

From the window I can tell

that someone has stolen the water from our river

and replaced it with


And, though they glitter,

I can honestly say that

the scent of the waves

was worth far more to me.

(c) 2013 Marie KR

You are the seekers, so

scour the world for beautiful things, my friends.

Dig them out from under rocks

and in the shadowed hollows of tree roots.

Listen closely

in dingy, smoky refuges

for the lonely and brilliant–

taste of clouded liquor

clouded eyes

clouded thoughts

harsh on your tongue.

Savor the things you discover and

(if appropriate)

fling back the overcast curtain

and dash them across the landscape,

exposed and naked

and lovely in the light.

(c) 2013 Marie KR

We Are Outsiders

When foreigners arrive in a new city

they walk with heads turned upwards

and we chuckle at the cricks in their necks.

Though if a tourist is naught

but a curious person

in an unfamiliar place,

then what else may we call ourselves?

Life is our destination

and we are new to every second.

You are a perpetual tourist, my dear.

Look up.

(c) 2013 Marie KR

So that was the first and last entries in the book, as well as one I randomly selected from the middle pages. Hope they were…inspiring? enlightening? Gosh, I would settle for entertaining even.

TTFN, Ta-ta for now!

P.S.: I just saw that Moleskine has a website app which allows you to design and order your own personalized notebook. There go the next few hours…or days…

P.P.S.: Y’all can look forward to a Valentine’s Day post in 2 weeks!