The angels are having a bowling tournament.

Was anyone else ever told that before?

While wondering about the cause of thunder as a child, it seemed to make perfect sense that God was busy perfecting his strike or that the clouds had eaten Mexican food for dinner. I certainly preferred those explanations before everything had to be all ‘scientifically correct.’

Despite its cause, I love thunderstorms! I may be in the minority, but I always seem to sleep better when there’s a hint of thunder in the distance. When it’s right outside, however, I prefer to stay up and listen to it. Call me strange, but thunderstorms have never been frightening for me. Any interesting thunderstorm memories or stories out there? Share them!

So Crumbles the Sky

I enjoy thunderstorms

because they are proof

that God is still stronger than us.

Under orders of the anchorman,

humanity scuttles indoors to fill the bathtubs with water.

Windows are boarded,

appliances are unplugged,

and everyone waits in the dark—sniffing for sunlight

signaling a clear sky.

I prefer to stand before the storm


and praise the artist of those galloping clouds,

composer of the wind(singing

like whales in my ears),

cameraman behind the flashbulb lightning

which cracks like a whip at the sky.

(c) 2012 Marie KR

Ignorance is Bliss

As a child,

I imagined that heat lightning

was the distant flashes of stars

exploding like grapes

in the microwave temperature left behind

by a boiling summer sun.

Older now

(as bursts of light break the clouds above

and a swollen yellow moon buries his face

in the safe shadows of the clouds)

I still know not the cause,

yet cannot help but press my forehead to the chill window glass

and watch for tell-tale shrapnel

of obliterated stars

falling to earth.

(c) 2012 Marie KR