‘Lovely’ is my favorite word

It just rolllls off the tongue, don’t you think? I use it as often as possible, because unlike ‘pretty’ or ‘fantastic’ or ‘perfect’ or ‘hot’, ‘lovely’ can be used in almost every situation!

Lunch tomorrow? What a lovely idea.
The weather today is lovely.
I think you look lovely.

See? It’s the ideal adjective!
It’s also my adjective, so don’t you go trying to steal it, punk!

Now that my slightly hazy rambling is done with, I scratched out this poem the other day which I believe is quite lovely. Would you agree?


There is a moment

during every autumn twilight,

when all the world tips

into perfect balance.

It’s a moment

without names,

when nobody is tall or short,

fat or thin,

light or dark,

pretty or plain–

instead we’re all just shadows against the rigid tapestry of sky

and an orange dust from the falling sun still rests on our cheeks

leaving a drop of  light


in every pair of eager eyes.

(c) 2011 Marie KR