I Think too Much

Ohhh boy the world is going mad…

More specifically, I’m going mad.

In between college apps, homework, studying, horseback riding, work, more college apps, more studying, and all the other stuff I do, I have no time to write! I’ve scratched down dozens of ideas for poems and this is the first one I’ve been able to work on at all.

What with all this college stuff and planning for my future and all that, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I really plan too much out in my head. I’ve got my whole life in the works in my imagination, and even though I know it’ll just set me up for disappointment, I CAN’T STOP DOING IT! My ideas get more and more detailed until I know the color of my first couch as well as the name and breed of every dog I’ll own (don’t worry, I haven’t reached that level of crazy yet).

So without further ado, I give you:


I have sketched my dreams out on paper

with gel pens

and a lump of graphite which

I found in my shoe.

The edges are thin and dull,

creased where

my wandering thumbs have browsed

several times too many,

leaving behind charcoal fingerprints

and the smell of leather.

My words stretch

between the margins

like threads tight across the loom,

twisting and tangling together.

One paragraph runs wide

and the next runs long,

layer upon layer

until I can reach down between the letters

through their winding maze,

burying myself in phrases and plans

up to my elbow

and still not find the first thing I wrote.

(c) 2011 Marie KR