Don’t you just love the smell of a new book?

So I like to read…a lot…

Currently there’s so many books accumulating in my mental to-read list that I just might be done by next Christmas if I’m lucky, by which time I will have received even more great books and the whole process will simply go on in a vicious, never-ending cycle of authors and plotlines and series.

Speaking of series, that’s part of my problem. Have any of you ever read a book series which was comfortably short when you started–maybe a trilogy, or only five rather short novels, or something–but as you read, the author decided to just KEEP WRITING MORE!?? I love continuing plotlines, don’t get me wrong, but there is a point when everyone but the writer knows its gone on too long and the story is either stagnant or completely different from when it began. I’ve had that happen to me multiple times, but I always keep reading every new book because by that time I’m so emotionally involved with the characters that I can’t just stop reading without knowing how it all ends! Sometimes I just want to ask the author themselves if they even know where it’s all going anymore, because the readers certainly don’t. It’s awful and wonderful all at the same time.

So if you read this post and sort of thought to yourself, ‘Hey, she’s right, I do that!’ Then this poem is for you 🙂 Enjoy! Love you all!

Ode to a Bookworm

How avid is the reader!

In a frenzy she pursues each tale,

sinking her jaws into the flesh

of characters and plot,

swallowing sentences whole

and picking splintered letters

out from between her teeth.

In savage glee she devours the story,

hungrily consumes its pages

and drinks deep from the black ink

running wetly down her chin.

She is always on the watch,

excitement swelling in a greedy mind—

a craving to sink her nose into the smell

of paper glued fast to the spine.

She seeks out her next victim,

always hunting—never satisfied

in her lust for words

that will fill her eyes and slide slowly down

into her soul.


(c) 2011 Marie KR


So yeah, my life is sort of insane…

It’s been what, a week or two since my last post? I don’t remember, but sorry about the delay. I just finished my first week of school and life has been hectic, what with scheduling and sports and homework and my job, I have no free time whatsoever! All week I kept coming up with new things to write about but was never able to work on them. By today my mind was sort of like “If these ideas don’t get out of here right now I’m gonna explode!!!!” So thankfully for my head I sat down and wrote like crazy, and this was the result. Hope you like!

Things I Know

Some of you, like me, walk a fine line between learning and
knowing. I learn in school, but I know many things no teacher ever told me. I
can recite the themes in Romeo and Juliet and can find the line tangent to
a curve with the formula y=x3-2x2+4, but that doesn’t
really matter anyway.

What matters is that I can recall the spicy smell of Kenyan
wind and the sound of tea-pickers singing while they harvest the leaves that
later fill our steaming mugs. That I can explain what it feels like to leap into
a giant nothingness which steals the scream from your throat and then plunge
into cool, forgiving water, to claw your way to the surface in a rush of blue light
and bubbles. I can tell you about the craving to do it again.

I can tell you, too, that winter is the best season for
stargazing because the clean cut of the night air makes the lights look close
enough to taste their frozen sugary filling and draw their icy smell deep into
the corners of your lungs.

I have leaned over a boat’s railing an arm’s length from the
backs of whales and dolphins, I have heard their calls and seen the height of a
waterspout and someday I will know also the feeling of their smooth skin and
the shapes of their noses.

I can write about watching the storms roll in
toward my front porch, how it smells when the wind picks up and livid clouds
fill the air with electricity which goads your heart to a faster beat. And I
know how to fill my life with wind and feathers and winter nights and falling
leaves, but nobody else ever sees it, because what I don’t know is how to show you.

(c) 2011 Marie KR